Beyond the Shoreline 2024

Thank you all for attending Blue Economy 2024!
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Join Canada’s Foremost
Annual Blue Economy Event

Sustainable Blue Economy Summit 2024: Pioneering Sustainable Oceans

Embark on a Transformative Experience in Halifax: the Sustainable Blue Economy Summit 2024, merging Halifax’s historic beauty with innovative marine sustainability. On March 19, 2024, join global leaders and innovators shaping our blue economy.
Why Attend? This summit is more than an event—it’s a movement. Immerse in the transformative shift towards sustainable marine practices, positioning Canada as a leader in the global blue economy.
Steer Towards a Sustainable Marine Future: Participate in the Sustainable Blue Economy Summit 2024 and contribute to a sustainable oceanic legacy. Limited spots—secure your participation now!

Meet Our Speakers

Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables

Nova Scotia

Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Nova Scotia

Minister of Tourism


Navigating the Seas of Change: Collaborate to Forge Our Oceans’ Future

Join us at the nexus of discovery and action, where dynamic dialogues lead to tangible outcomes in ocean stewardship. This summit serves as a platform for thought leaders and innovators dedicated to creating a sustainable marine future.

Aquaculture cages fish farm in sea, seafood industry. aerial view

Engage in Outcome-Focused Discussions Across Key Areas:

Climate Change Action: Explore resilient strategies and actionable solutions addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change to our oceans.

Progressive Ocean Policy: Dive into the development of effective policies and governance frameworks that ensure the responsible stewardship of marine resources.

Empowering Coastal and Indigenous Communities: Examine the crucial role and perspectives of coastal and Indigenous communities in shaping sustainable marine environments.

Innovation and Technology in Marine Conservation: Discover groundbreaking technologies and innovative practices revolutionizing marine conservation, sustainable fisheries, and aquaculture.

And Beyond: Our agenda extends into various facets of the blue economy, intertwining technology, policy, and community-led initiatives to forge a sustainable path forward.

Partner with Us in this Blue Journey

We extend our thanks to our partners whose support is invaluable in making the Sustainable Blue Economy Summit 2024 a success.